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Cross Helmet Dark Visor

Cross Helmet Dark Visor

When using replacement shields for your helmet, it's important to remember that beyond just looks, certain shields are better suited to specific racing conditions than others. This Cross Helmet Dark Visor will give you the full visibility and performance on the track, so be sure to have the right shield for the right driving conditions. These visors are designed to offer an application for just about every lighting condition you'll encounter. Amber visors provide a minimal amount of tinting that's best suited to overcast weather. This visor is often used in dawn or dusk driving, as they tend to enhance track features. The dark shield normally block out even more sunlight than tinted shields, but ultimately iridium shields provide the most protection from sunlight and glare. Only available for a limited time in this unique style so get it quickly whilst stocks last! 

 It allows for easy opening and closing. 

➦ This will reduce glare during daytime driving. 

➦ This helmet visor comes in clear and dark variations. 

➦ It is generally used for night racing or very low light conditions.